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Tendering& Value Engineering

Project Tendering Phase

We support project managers in preparation, submission and presentation of tender documents. Our internal interior design team and business development managers will work through the specifications with you and assist you in selecting the appropriate kitchens and home furniture, budgeting and documentation.

Once you have your project specifications, speak to a Nolte Expert to start the selection of kitchens and preparation of all the requirements.

Space planning and Design

Every project is unique and requires professional space planning that perfectly fits the requirements and use. This phase forms an important element of our interior design process where we analyse the needs of the customer, the space available and the most suitable choice of kitchens or home furniture. During this phase, we work with the project managers to interpret the specifications and apply the proposed budget.

Planning System

Planning System

Matrix 150 represents a grid system exclusively introduced by us. It is based on a very simple and easy to understand logic: all width, height and even depth measurements can be divided by 150 mm; for harmonious proportions in all dimensions.

Only we can integrate an ergonomically built-in oven with a height of 600 mm without using an annoying trim. Kitchen planning has never been easier. Even squared paper is enough if you want.

Storage Planning

Storage Planning

The Matrix900 from Nolte Küchen doesn’t just offer attractive design, in terms of storage this carcase height is unbeatable: believe it or not, you can have 20% more than the 75 cm standard carcase height with the same floor area. This huge amount of extra storage is especially important in kitchens, where every centimetre counts.
And thanks to the Matrix150 pitch pattern, you can enjoy ideal positioning of fronts and a perfect work height, even at this carcase height.

Product orders &Logistics support

When it comes to project orders, our team coordinates with our factories in Germany to process the orders and prepare for shipping. We also offer logistical support, advice and information to ensure that no delays are experienced throughout the process.

Watch your Nolte project come to life

Throughout the project process, continuous quality analysis is done to ensure that all installations are done as per initial specifications.

Installation & Project Handover

Our well trained technical team handles the installation process on site according to set guidelines and specification. They also prepare the project for inspection and handover to the project manager.

After sales Service and Support

Our business development team is always at hand to assist with any further requirements, information and assistance you may need throughout the warranty period.

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