Group Structure

Group Structure

A Group for Life

Nolte is a family enterprise that is currently led by the third and fourth generation of our founder. Today, Georg Nolte, alongside his children Maren and Georg Konrad runs the organization. With over 85 years in the furniture industry, Nolte has revolutionized quality standards, “Made in Germany” means more to us than the place where our products are produced; it is a guarantee of our quality.

In 1955, Nolte started the production of bedroom furniture in Germersheim. Today Nolte Furniture has over 600 employees and produces roughly 300 tons of furniture everyday.

In 1958 Nolte introduced its innovative kitchens. We produce 700 kitchens per day in our state-of-the-art factory.

In the 1990s, Nolte grew with the launch of DRUM Systems, a producer of tailor-made partitions and glass walls.

In 2000, Express Furniture was founded, focused on standardized ready to assemble and stand-alone wardrobes that are manufactured using our lean production process. Due to its success, in 2010, Express Kitchen was founded.

Nolte consistently strives to raise the bar in high standard manufacturing and services, renowned for our consistent stream of stunning design ideas that are as exceptionally functional as they are aesthetic. We strive for our designs to reflect current trends and lifestyle needs.

Linked up production units, thousands of highly skilled employees, and state-of-the-art machinery make Nolte one of Europe´s foremost furniture companies. Nolte produces in Germany exclusively exporting on an international scale to well over 60 countries worldwide.