Nolte FZE has undertaken over 300 projects in 20 countriesĀ  with a total of 20,000 plus units.

Project Country Product No. of units
Lodha Project India Nolte Eco 226
M3M Golf Estate Project India Nolte Eco 443
Enigma Project India Express Kitchen 467
Greens Project India Express Kitchen 100
The Park Project India Nolte Kitchen 188
Dynasty Residence Project Sri Lanka Express Kitchen 111
Kuramathi Villa Project Maldives Nolte Kitchen 177
Dehdari Project Kuwait Nolte Kitchen 101
FWASEC Project Kuwait Express Kitchen 185
Mirbat Project Oman Express Kitchen 136
The Wave Project – Phase 2 Oman Nolte Kitchen 132
Ras Al Hamra Project Oman Nolte Kitchen 407
The Wave Project – Phase 4 Oman Nolte Kitchen 120
Habib Gardens Project Oman Nolte Eco 218
Abjar Complex Project Oman Nolte Eco 100
The Wave Project – Marsa 3 Oman Nolte Kitchen 106
The Wave Project – Phase 10 Oman Nolte Eco 218
The Wave Project – Phase 12 Oman Nolte Kitchen 231
The Links Project Oman Nolte Eco 277
Abdul Aziz Project Oman Nolte Eco 106